Social Media Marketing Agency 

Why Work With Us?

Our main goal is simple, "get results". That is the goal of our marketing services. 

Take a look at the results of these two different businesses we have worked with this year. One is a service based business and the other is an e-commerce store.

16 February - 16 July

E-commerce Business

26 January - 26 July

Service Based Business

Lets Get Profitable Results For Your Business Using The Most Up To Date Marketing Strategies

If you have a business in South Africa and you are not running social media advertisements and taking advantage of all social media has to offer, you are missing out!

Since 2020, businesses that rely solely on word of mouth and referrals are fading out, and those who have taken to social media and used it efficiently are seeing growth like never before. 

What Do We Do?

We are going to design a marketing strategy that is laser targeted towards your ideal buyers, while creating advertisements that will stir interest and get more customers converting for your business. 

We Will Take Care Of

  • Video & photo creatives to use in your advertisements 

  • Creating social media posts for your different channels. (12 posts per month)

  • Creating paid advertising campaigns for Facebook & Instagram

  • Set up brand/company awareness campaigns

  • Set up lead generation campaigns 

  • Set up conversion campaigns 

  • Set up retargeting campaigns 

  • Send through weekly reports with campaign analytics

Why Is This Important?

  • If you can't catch someones attention they will never be a customer. 

  • Building and connecting with your audience builds trust.

  • This is where the magic happens, benefitting from the algorithm

  • Brand awareness is key as you want your business to be seen.

  • Collecting leads is where business starts, without leads there is nothing.

  • Conversion campaigns are mean to turn "viewers" into "buyers"

  • A great way to convert those who are showing interest.

  • Staying on top of details is the key to optimising your ads.

Who Is This For?

  • Any South African based business that is wanting to scale up using the power of social media.

  • Businesses that don't have any social media presence 

  • Businesses that have never run paid advertisements on social media

  • Businesses looking to bring in new leads and growth 

*NB* - This service is not for start ups at this time, only established businesses

Please Book A Call With Us Below So We Can Discuss Any Questions You May Have As Well As To See If The Business Is A Good Fit  Before Going Ahead With Our Services

NB* - Please only book this call if you are serious about having your businesses marketing done for you and if you have the budget. Your business would also need capital for paid marketing on top of our service fee.