Would You Like To Join A Passionate Dropshipping Community?

EcomIgnite Acceleration Community 

What Is This?

The Ecomignite Acceleration Community is a group of people who are passionate about e-commerce, specifically dropshipping. 

If you would like to experience success with dropshipping, surrounding yourself with people who are on the same path and like minded will accelerate your growth and have you seeing success quicker than if you did things by yourself. 

What Is Included?

  • Private Facebook Group, where you can ask any questions at any time of the day and they will be answered. This can be anything that you are currently struggling with, confused about or struggling to get right in your dropshipping journey.

  • Weekly live streams, going through key aspects of dropshipping (product research, competitor research, market research, Facebook & Instagram Ads) as well as Q&As.

  • 8 winning products uploaded to the group every Monday. (This is gold as you could start selling these winning products immediately)

  • A dropshipping checklist, practical things to tick off to make sure your online store and ads are as optimized as possible. (From store design and product page, to Facebook ad creatives and ad copy). This is also gold, as this checklist will set you on the right path of success. 

  • Monthly case studies, where we will review and study up and coming dropshipping stores, fully established brands, failed stores and anything inbetween. This is great for learning, getting inspiration, and also seeing what to avoid. 

  • A "Where Am I" PDF guide. Have you ever been lost while driving? And had your phone use Google Maps to direct you in the right direction? This PDF Guide will pinpoint exactly where you are in your online journey, and show you your next steps to experience success. 

R500/Month (Cancel At Any Time)


Q. Who is this for?

A. The Ecomignite Acceleration Community is for any South African person who has an online dropshipping store, wants to get started with dropshipping or is currently experiencing success with dropshipping and wants to be involved with like minded people.

Q. Is this a virtual group?

A. Yes, we live in a virtual world. All communications within the community will be done through our private Facebook Group and on Zoom calls. 

Q. What happens once I have signed up?

A. As soon as you sign up, you will recieve an invite to our Private Facebook group, and receive the bonus material. (checklists, welcome email etc)

Q. I have no idea how dropshipping works, is this for me?

A. The EcomIgnite Acceleration Group is for any South African person who is interested in e-commerce/dropshipping. 

Q. Am I able to leave at anytime?

A. 100% yes, email us at webflow@e-comignite.co.za and we will help you with any problem you may have.