Would You Like Your Facebook Ads Done For You?

Let Us Take Care Of All Your Facebook Advertising Needs

What Is Included In The Dropshipping Facebook Ads Management Service?

Our Facebook Ads Management service is a completely done for  you marketing service, where we take complete control of advertising for your business. 

If you don't have the time or experience needed to run profitable marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, you can lose a lot of money. 

We are here to take that responsibility, give you your time back, and make your business grow through our Facebook Ad strategies.

We Will:

  • Set up advertisements that are optimised for conversions.

  • Create 1 piece of content for your dropshipping store to use as an advertisement. 

  • Create advertising campaigns that are laser targeted and specific to your products.

  • Design ad copy that will provoke emotion and stir interest in your product and service. 

  • Run cold testing campaigns.

  • Run retargeting campaigns. 

  • Run look-alike audience campaigns. 

  • Continue to optimise the advertising campaigns every few days and double down on what is working, 

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Facebook Ads Management

*Please Note*

This is a "done for you" service, meaning it is hands off for the client, and we take care of all the advertising. (this is not "mentorship" or coaching)

There will be weekly reports sent directly from the Facebook Ads Manager to the client. 

We will have 1 kick off Zoom meeting just so we all on the same page and then from there we will start working on your Facebook ads. 

Results vary from store to store, product to product as well as the budget you are working with. 

Please contact us before going ahead with our "done for you" marketing service.

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